“When we met with Pereira Enterprises, we were drowning in confusion with a previous accountant who was throwing up his hands and unable to manage, or make sense of, our Design Manager software. That accountant’s solution was to start over with a different system, but we were reluctant to give up years of data carefully entered into our existing system. Steuart and his team specialize in our designer software, they methodically cleaned up and reorganized what we had, and they made our procedures more efficient. With team training and personalized service, we improved our entire accounting operation. I have since referred him to my close friend and colleague and have a sense of relief when it comes to anything related to accounting.”

- Liz Levin, Principal, Liz Levin Interiors

"In 1999, your firm was hired to automate my company’s accounting department by implementing an accounting system. After this task was completed in a timely and cost effective manner, you continued providing us with training for the system. Since you applied considerable technical expertise along with a creative and practical approach to the many issues that my company currently faces, we’ve asked you for many more services such as accounting, consulting, payroll, quarterly maintenance and year-end support, which have proven invaluable. I won’t hesitate to recommend your firm as one of the best I’ve worked with."

– Leslie B. Park, Universal Travel Services, Inc.

“Pereira Enterprises has provided us with fundamental training that we wish we had had before we ever touched Design Manager. Because of their experience with multi-faceted and large scale design projects, they bring to the table “best practices” in accounting and design management. In addition, they want me to be a profitable thriving business. They challenge me to think about the way I run my business, what my profit margins are, how I structure my contracts, etc. I can’t recommend them enough. I wouldn’t dream of starting with Design Manager without the assistance of Pereira Enterprises, Inc.”

- Heidi Scanlon, Principal, Color Drenched Interiors

"We have been using Pereira Enterprises, Inc. since 1998 as our sole ‘in-house’ accountant. The complexities of running a business are great and keeping track of the hundreds of transactions we do annually is complicated. Your maintenance of our accounting records gives me 100% confidence that my numbers are correct at all times."

– P. Michael Greenwald, Owner, Personalized Travel, Inc.

"Your consulting and accounting services allowed my company to modernize and efficiently organize its financial tracking and accounting systems at a critical juncture. I am grateful to you for your eminent professionalism, your high level of attention to detail, and your devotion to assessing and filling the financial needs of my company."

– Bruno M. Damiani, President, Brumar Communications Corporation