Cut COSTS and Increase PROFITS!

Plagued by the costs of inaccurate data, cash flow shortages, or payroll problems? Whether you are a new or an established  company in need of assistance, our customized accounting services provide the solutions you need.

Pereira Enterprises, Inc. assists you in the critical planning necessary to avoid business roadblocks by implementing internal controls designed to drive your business to succeed.

We will help you:

  • Eliminate excess payroll costs
  • Reduce taxes
  • Avoid accounting errors
  • Cut costs and increase profits

Access your records and our expertise at anytime, from anywhere.

Let US manage your accounting, so YOU can focus on business growth.

Let Pereira Enterprises, Inc. transform your organization into a highly profitable business. We can evaluate your day-to-day operations and make performance-enhancing recommendations.

"Your consulting and accounting services allowed my company to modernize and efficiently organize its financial tracking and accounting systems at a critical juncture. I am grateful to you for your eminent professionalism, your high level of attention to detail, and your devotion to assessing and filling the financial needs of my company."

– Bruno M. Damiani, President, Brumar Communications Corporation

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